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Snail Farming Courses based on European standards

   Snail farming is one of the popular topics in the business sphere. Thus, the International College of Industrialization and Protection of Population from Disasters and Accidents in cooperation with the partners from Cyprus is planning to organize the first in the world snail farming courses.

      This issue was discussed during the meeting of the College representative and specialist in Cyprus. Education which is based on real working experience is a crucial part of the new specialty establishment. According to this factor, the new course will be mostly practice-based. Worth mentioning that the theoretical part of the course although will be presented, but attention will be mobilized mostly in the practical part.

   Students can work on snail farms and familiarize themselves with every stage of snail growing, feeding, and customizing. Education in real functioning snail farms can clearly explain the process of working of it and will cause of new skills and knowledge establishment.

   We hope that this collaboration will become a fruitful partnership.

   If you are interested in this project or any other project of the College, do not hesitate to contact us.

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