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Creation of a cluster for a year-round cultivation of terrestrial mollusks in specialized greenhouses and industrial high-tech processing.

    On the basis of the acquired knowledge and skills, when creating greenhouse farms for growing snails and production complexes for processing ground mollusks in the Republic of Bulgaria and the CIS countries, a concept of a new export component for Central Asia to Western Europe was created and a project was developed to create a cluster for a year-round cultivation ground molluscs in specialized greenhouses, as well as industrial high-tech processing of snails. The production complex for the processing of land molluscs is based on non-waste innovative biotechnology, which produces innovative products from snail mucus for veterinary medicine, pharmaceuticals and medicine.


  • New branch of agriculture, farming, processing, large export component;

  • A new direction in veterinary medicine;

  • A new direction in the production of cosmetics - cosmoceutics;

  • A new direction in sanitary and hygienic work during an epidemiological situation, the production of protective equipment based on innovative technologies for snail mucus.

  • A new direction in medicine for the treatment of burns, diabetes mellitus, disorders of the human musculoskeletal function;

  • For people with disabilities, the creation of a line of balanced nutrition, saturated with calcium and essential amino acids for the absorption of calcium by the human body.


  A joint scientific and professorial team has developed an innovative regenerating gel for the healing of third and fourth degree burns, open wounds in diabetes mellitus and difficult healing wounds with deep damage to the muscles and tissues of the human body. This gel has been tested and proven to be effective in complex medical operations in military and ordinary hospitals.

   Regenerating gel is a natural product based on snail mucus extract. The glycopeptides, collagen and elastin present in the gel are very similar in composition and structure to the tissues of the human body, which helps to restore human cells and skin. That is why the regenerating gel stimulates the natural processes of regeneration, restores cellular strength and maintains the necessary hydrobalance of the skin.


   According to research carried out in the field of pharmaceutical and medical manufacturers, the niche for the supply of biotechnological raw materials from terrestrial molluscs for large concerns is overflowing with intermediary firms and it is difficult to obtain the necessary documents and permits. Based on the results of the work done, we are focusing on the supply of biotechnological products for pedigree stud farms, private horse clubs and on joint work with the government of Turkmenistan, Turkey and Jordan. In these states, a priority state program is being implemented to increase the number of Akhal-Teke horses and other breeding breeds, improve the health of brood mares and breeding horses.
   Our team's research has proven that the use of snail mucus, snail caviar and suspensions prepared from these ingredients are a panacea that our ancestors used in ancient times to treat harness burns, cavalry combat injuries during wars. According to observations carried out at the breeding stud farms of the Akhal-Teke horses, one of the common problems of the Akhal-Teke breed, especially among the Akhal-Teke horses of the "Isabel suit", is the burning of non-pigmented areas of the skin. In addition, saddle scuffs and injuries sustained while riding horses.
    The correct diet for pregnant mares and newborn foals will affect the future health of the breeding herd. A growing foal needs a daily calcium intake of 60 grams. When not adhering to feces.
    The equine balance in the horse's body develops a predisposition to bone disease. The ancient methods of saturating the body of a horse with calcium, by feeding it with chalk, or feed saturated with calcium, shows little digestibility, due to the lack of necessary amino acids for assimilation. Our scientific developments on suspensions of snail mucus and caviar prove that they are saturated with the necessary amino acids for the complete assimilation of (live calcium) by the body of a horse and a newborn foal. Our microbiologists have proved that the list of amino acids in a suspension of snail mucus and caviar, and in a freeze-dried snail fillet, gives an injection for the full development of the musculoskeletal system of a newborn foal. Correct use of our veterinary dietary supplements provides 100% calcium absorption.


Snail farm-greenhouse type "Second Floor" according to the standards of the European Union

Our team has developed a specialized snail farm-greenhouse of the "Second Floor" type according to the standards of the European Union, which corresponds to the natural and climatic characteristics of the countries of Central Asia, which is a block-type greenhouse with a size of 9.60x105 m. The entire facility will be a farm production site equipped with three specialized "corrals" in the form of beds for growing snails according to the innovative "second floor" method.


Snail farm-greenhouse type "Second Floor"


The value of snail mucus and its collection

   Snail mucus contains active ingredients such as glycans, glycoproteins, enzymes, proteins, antimicrobial peptides and others that can be included in many medicines. They can be included in various extracts, since they have a healing effect on staphylococcal skin infections, infected wounds, pneumonia, mastitis, phlebitis, meningitis, and urinary tract infections. They also help with food poisoning. These extracts are also effective against pathogenic Escherichia coli strains that cause bleeding disorders and kidney damage. They can also help with urinary tract infections caused by "Klebsiella pneumonia". They are already being used to treat ulcers, gastritis and colitis.
    They also treat age spots, acne and wrinkles. The healing properties of snail mucus have been studied for many years, and its growing use in the cosmetics industry is not accidental - it is very high in collagen, elastin, allantoin and other valuable ingredients that rejuvenate the skin and make it more elastic. moisturized and radiant.
     Proteinogen is an essential amino acid and one of the ingredients contained in snail mucus and snail caviar concentrate as an active ingredient for the production of organic cosmetics. The range of products based entirely on mucus and caviar is produced in Bulgaria. The combination of snail mucus and caviar is an innovation in snail cosmetics, and the extract purity of 97% - one of the highest in the industry - allows you to increase the concentration of active ingredients and therefore the effectiveness of the final product.
   The antibacterial effect of mucus is already being tested at the military hospital and the Polemed hospital in Sofia and at the urological clinic in the German city of Tübingen. It is used for tumors of the urinary tract and kidneys. The extracts have already proven their effectiveness in comparison with experiments with other organisms, such as sea clams Keiho and Rapan from the Black Sea.
   The snails are “milked” by releasing a weak impulse current. From shock, animals secrete all the mucus, after which, however, they fully recover.


Obtaining snail slim


Installation for collecting snail mucus

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