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  The International College of Sustainable Tourism, Ecological Economics and Biotechnology opens admission to the foundation course. The College guarantees that boys and girls aged 17+, will be admited to one of the six universities:
- Bulgaria, the city of Plovdiv, University of Food Technologies;
- Bulgaria, city of Varna, University of Economics;
- Bulgaria, city of Sofia, Transport University named after Todor Kobleshkov;
- Slovakia, Zilina University;
- Slovakia, city of Trnava, University of St. Cyril and Methodius;
- Dresden Technical University, Dresden, Germany;

In the universities of Slovakia, upon the delivery of the Slovak language for the B1 certificate, education is free.

At universities in Bulgaria, education is paid, according to the state rate.

During the foundation-year studies, each student will receive a European professional, working qualification of the II degree in the hospitality and tourism industry and will participate in paid internship in the resorts of Turkey and Bulgaria with a salary from five million soums.
After passing the state exam, a student will receive a European certificate of professional qualification II degree, recognized by all countries of the European Union.
Training is conducted in Russian.
The payment for the entire course is 26 million soums (2100 euros). The theoretical part, 6 months, will take place in Uzbekistan in Tashkent or Samarkand, and a paid internship, 3 months, in the resorts of Turkey, Antalya and the resorts of Bulgaria. The salary during paid educational and practical internships is from 5,000,000 sums per month.

Graduates who do not want to go to university or want to study and work will be able to get job contracts in Turkey, Antalya, or in Bulgaria, the resorts of Golden Sands and Sunny Beach, or in Slovakia in ski resorts and Bratislava.

Documents for admission:
Document about the education (certificate of education);
Medical certificate of No. 086 form;
Passport or birth certificate (presented (presented in person);
6 passport-size photos, 3 * 4;

More detailed information about our work, the teaching staff, social and scientific activities, hotel partners can be found on our website: or by writing to us

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