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“Euro Integration School” for talented children of Ukraine

Обновлено: 26 февр. 2020 г.

  In the frame of international project of “Euro Integration School”, which took place in the period from 3 June to 13th June 2019, 44 talented students from Ukraine were educated in hotel Gladiola of “Golden Sand” resorts, Bulgaria. The education process, namely course was conducted by Associate Professor Nedka Nikolova – ex Vice Dean on Education of Marine Science and Ecology Faculty in Technical University of Varna and by Associate Professor Svetlana Lesidrenskaya – ex Head of Department of Industrial Management in Technical University of Varna; One of the leading developers of Master’s program “Management of European Projects” and Bachelor program “Technical Business and Innovations ”.

   Talented students had a course of 24 hours duration, directed to the study of marketable topics:

• Introduction to grant-based programs, scholarships of European Universities and Nongovernmental organizations;

• How the wining in competitions, participation in trainings and practical seminars will effect on the future of youth and how will it increase the possibility for scholarship-based education in EU?

• Introduction to exchange programs at Universities and Colleges;

• Development of successful youth model by representing a role models of youth with brilliant career path from partner organizations in cities and regions of EU;

• Discussion and comparative analysis – Problems and opportunities related to career of youth in Europe;

• Brain storming – What kind of opportunities can exist and how they can be used for your own success?

• How does the system of EU work? What kind of Ministries do exist? How do they cooperate?

• Interactive working maps of EU Institutions;

• What do these Institutions do and how do they work – members of European Parliament, Committees and Funds;

    Introductory excursion to Technical University of Varna was organized. During which future students and University Rector – Professor Ventsislav Vilchev had a meeting. Profession oriented training took place, moreover, students had a chance to familiarize with laboratories, scientific and practical training equipment and simulators.

      Summarizing, as a result of the conference and discussion, students had a chance to have a useful experience and learn the lessons and share with emotions from their activities. Winners of the course and active participants were awarded with certificates of “Euro Integration School”.

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