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Successful completion of internships in Black Sea resorts and receiving of European qualification

Обновлено: 2 мар. 2020 г.

  In the last week of August interns had theoretical and practical exams for receiving of European qualification of ‘chief’ and ‘waiter bartender’. State exams passing process took place in hotel complex Gladiola, in the Golden Sands resort. Interns successfully passed the exams and received the qualification certificates which are recognized by all EU members.

  Two groups of interns who finished the course of professional education and successfully passed the qualification exams approved by European programs starting the preparation for high qualified internship in Saxony and Bavaria resorts, with the possibility for long-term labor agreements after the successful completion of internship with the duration of 3 months in Germany resorts.

  Internships in Black Sea resorts of Bulgaria is going to finish and our interns farewell to their international colleagues.

   Sincere gratitude to the College Administration to our Partners and interns for responsible to job and successful summer internships!

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