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Establishment of the model of zero-waste production of snails as an ecology cooperation in Turkmenis

Обновлено: 26 февр. 2020 г.



  In the frame of international scientific conference “Science, technique and innovation  technologies in the era of power and happiness” organized under the patronize of the President of Turkmenistan – Gurbanguli Myalikulliyevich Berdimukhammedov, on the eve of “Science Day of Turkmenistan”, Vice-chairman of the board of International College of Industrialization and Protection of Population from Disasters and Accidents presented a report on topic “Establishment of model of zero-waste production of terrestrial mollusks as ecology-innovative cooperation in Turkmenistan.

  The representative of the administration of the College was assigned as a Chief of “Innovation, Agriculture and Bio technologies” section. In the frame of section management, the opportunity to discuss the perspectives of development and implementation of new sector of agriculture in Turkmenistan, namely, cultivation and reprocessing of terrestrial mollusks to innovative ecological product: manufacturing of delicacy products from terrestrial mollusks which has high valuable gustatory qualities and medicinal properties, was discussed. Moreover, development and implementation of specialized nutrition for lactating mothers and toddlers. Creation of calcium additives for Akhaltekin racehorses and horse farms in Turkmenistan.

    Moreover, several meetings with the administration of Engineering Technologies University named under Oguz Khan and Turkmenistan State University named under Makhtumkuli was organized. During the meetings the possibility of international cooperation was discussed and memorandums regarding the joint collaboration were signed.

   Scientific work visit of Vice-Chairman of the Board of College of Industrialization and Protection of the Population from Disasters and Accidents ended by signing the memorandum about join cooperation in the sphere of development and implementation of waste-free technologies with the Technological Center under the

Academy of Science of Turkmenistan.

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