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Expansion of transboundary cooperation in preservation of ecology of Caspian Sea

Обновлено: 26 февр. 2020 г.

      Vice-chairman of the board of directors traveled to Islamic Republic of Iran with working visit. During the visit official meetings with the administration of Tehran University, Engineering College and College of Agriculture and Natural Resources under Tehran University were organized.

        The topic of specialized paid internships in the Black Sea resorts of Bulgaria and winter resorts of Austria and German was discussed with the Head of International Relations Department of Tehran University – with Mr. Abdolmadjid Eskandari. Additional topic was an establishment specialized courses directed on capacity-building of the University staff.

In cooperation with the director of Water Resources Department, Mr. Mohammad Sarrafzadekh, the possibility of international biotechnological center of Black and Caspian Sea creation was reviewed.

    Organization of collaborative scientific and practical team on development of environmental project, directed to clearance of coastal waters and improvement of aquaculture of Caspian Sea was discussed as well.

     Professor Zakhra Emam-Djomekh, Director of Food Science, Technology and Engineering Department in the College of Agriculture and Natural Resources under Tehran University, expressed the interest in development of innovative food additives for pregnant women and newborn children from marine and terrestrial mollusks.

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