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Double degree programs by European standards and the involvement of Uzbek youth in EU training

    Since mid-March 2020, the Chairman of the College has been on a working visit to the Republic of Uzbekistan. Over the past two working weeks, several business meetings were held with representatives of educational institutions of Uzbekistan. A plan of practical measures (roadmap) was signed for the further development of cooperation between the Academic Lyceum of the Uzbek State University of World Languages and the International College of Industrialization and Protection of the Population from Disasters and Accidents for the period 2020 - 2022.

     An important aspect of international activity is noted on the roadmap between the two educational institutions - establishment and accreditation according to European standards of the Bachelor's program "2 + 2" in the specialty "Investment Entrepreneurship and Project Management". The first step of the program for Uzbek students will be education at the Academic Lyceum in Tashkent, Uzbekistan for 2 years and the next 2 years at the University of Food Technology of Plovdiv, Bulgaria. Upon completion of training, students will receive diplomas correspond to the European standard, which are recognized in all countries of the European Union. Additionally, Master's programs will be established in the following specialties: "Project Management" and "Migration Officer".

   On the frame of the Uzbek-Bulgarian cooperation, a number of business documents have been signed with the research and production center of Eco Agro Indastrius Nou Hau LLC. The memorandum of international cooperation focuses on the establishment of working specialties, such as: "producer of agricultural products - farmer of mollusks" "ecologist - ecology and environmental protection".

In addition, the most important aspect of international cooperation is the establishment of an innovative Master's degree program in Ecological Economics. This Master's degree will be the first high-tech specialty for both Europe and Central Asia.

    As noted by the General Director of the research and production center "Eco Agro Indastrius Nou Hau" LLC, Mansurov Sobir Temurovich: "Eurointegration School for talented students of Uzbekistan is the future 'forge' of experienced professionals of a new generation of Uzbek managers". We truly believe that the partnership of Uzbek institutions and The College will be fruitful and lead to brilliant results.

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