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Practical Courses of'Eu integration'and creation of EU projects for employees of Sumi administration

Обновлено: 26 февр. 2020 г.

     On the frame of projects realization on International Cooperation between Sumi and Bulgaria planned meeting occurred in 11thof April. Participants of the meeting were represented by Shostkisk, Krolevetsk and Konotopsk regional administration and Bulgarian team lead by Board Chairman of International College of Industrialization and Protection of Population from Disasters and Accidents.  

   The issue of organization of the practical courses on education of regional and municipal administration staff on creation and defense of Euro projects, sponsored by grant-based programs of EU in the field of public administration and crucial social needs of Sumi, was discussed. During the course “Euro Integration” administration staff is familiarized with the operation and functions of European Social Fund, European Fund of Regional Development, The program “Horizon 2020” and other transboundary programs of EU. According to the fact that Ukraine is a member of Association of EU, it can fully claim for grant-based financing of different transboundary programs and other funds of EU. The first group of Sumi administration staff will be taught in June 2019. The project is implementing on initiatives of College administration, with the assistance of Sumi administration and Public Deputy of Ukraine.

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