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International internships in tourism business as a form of preparation to the “WORLDSKILLS” champion

Обновлено: 26 февр. 2020 г.

   Specialized international internships in Black Sea resorts in Bulgaria and alpine resorts in Austria gives an opportunity to receive and strengthen the knowledge and skills in modern standards in restaurants and hotel-tourism business in practice.

   Young specialists will have a narrowed training and production classes in modern hotel areas with innovative equipment, participate in master classes and round table discussions, organized by leading experts in restaurant and hotel business.

    Future contestants of «Worldskills» will have a chance to prove their professionalism in dynamic and demanding atmosphere of five star hotels and boarding houses of closed types, where they will figure out the importance of high quality service, demonstrate personal skills, including personal hygiene, professional outlook and psychological sustainability.

     Considering the fact that target markets of the restaurants and hotels are extensive and international, interns learn different types of caterings and styles of cuisine. Moreover, they will learn to give recommendations on menu, based on knowledge about guest and estimate the measure of communication and interaction which is appropriate for each single guest or group of tourists. Education and internship in multicultural and international environment will give the interns an opportunity for affective communication with kitchen staff and other workers of different departments and divisions, additionally, effectively and promptly organize productive and technical tasks and plan a workflow. And most crucial, effectively work with other divisions of hotel and restaurant complexes, as a part of single cohesive tеam.

      Specialized internships provide high quality European experience from first-class hotels and brand of restaurants, hotel-touristic business and exist as one of the stages of preparation of qualified staff for participation in«Worldskills» championship.

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