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Bulgarian and Ukrainian International Laboratory of marine and terrestrial mollusks.

Обновлено: 26 февр. 2020 г.

    In collaboration with Governmental Pedagogical University of Sumi, named under A.S. Makarenko (Sumi, Ukraine) International Laboratory of marine and terrestrial mollusks was established. In bio station of the University snail farm was built.

    Herd of snails named “Helliks” was planted. Research team for learning of characteristics of mucus and snail caviars, and formulation of calcium and vitamin additives, moreover, suspensions for veterinary and horse breeding, was established. 

   The aim of the laboratory is modernizing of technical description snail cultivation process, investigation of theoretical knowledge about medicinal value of marine and terrestrial mollusks and snail mucus.

  Heliciculture or snail farming – comparatively new area of agricultural production. Heliciculture is also a crucial contribution to nature protection, because exclude the depletion of natural reserves of snails. Another reason of interest in artificial breeding of snail is high scale of industrial pollution of nature in modern world. The possibility of breeding of snails not only with high food characteristics, but free from different pollution (heavy metals, for instance, pesticides and others) exists only under control and in artificial conditions.

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